Terms & Conditions

1) The prices on the online store are Cash, EFT and Card prices. We also have an extended pay option on guns but only for walk in customers and the prices are higher.

2) Goods remain the property of NSN and will not leave the shop unless fully paid. Online payments have to reflect in our bank account before it will be released.

3) On gun purchases: 100% of full price will be kept by NSN if licence is refused due to a criminal record. After all – you are supposed to know if you have one.

4) 30% of FULL gun price will be kept by NSN if the licence is refused. Proof of appeal plus appeal results must be shown. On full payment the buyer becomes the owner.

5) If the buyer dies while awaiting licence, the estate will no claim against NSN and all money paid being forfeited.

6) Application for the gun licence must be submitted to SAPS within 60 days from purchase date. Failure to do so will result in an abandoned sale with all money paid being forfeited.

7) Proof of application to be emailed to admin@nsnguns.co.za .

8) NSN do not charge storage for your gun in the first 60 days. No storage charges are charged if your gun is licence awaiting. Thus if you comply to Point 6 it means that you do not pay any storage cost at all, irrespective how long SAPS take.

9) If SAPS refuse your license, please contact us for assistance. If you appeal in time, you still would not pay storage costs.

10)  Guns to be collected within 30 days of licence issue date. There after current NSN storage rates will apply.

11) Client has to follow up with SAPS in regard to the licence application.

12) Buyer can not transfer the gun to a third party unless done with prior approval from NSN.

 By using our online store you agree that you have read our terms and conditions and agree to the contents thereof.