About Us

NSN Guns & Ammo was established in 1997 and caters for the Sport Shooter, Hunter, Collector and Gun Enthusiast.

The sporting guns we stock are for IPSC and IDPA. Our range includes among other but not limited to Semi-automatic rifles (FN/R1, AR15, SAR M14, and LM etc), Semi-auto and Pump action shotguns (Remington, SAR, Uzkon & Benelli etc) as well as Semi-auto Pistols (Glock, CZ Shadow, S&W M&P, Tanfoglio and more).

NSN also specializes in hunting rifles by the likes of Remington, Sako, Tikka, Howa and CZ. Our hunting range extends from .22Hornet caliber up to 458 Winchester. We also specialize in Pre-loved firearms and has found many homes for precious historic and classic arms. NSN’s slogan is Passionate about Guns! because we are.

Our shop comprises of two floors of which the top floor is stocked to the roof with the widest range accessories comprising of reloading kits and dies, tactical gear like quad rails and grips, optical gear like telescopes, red dots, range finders and spotting scopes, but to name a few. We are also a proud stockiest of the widest range of knives and blades the average man would ever see.

For the collector and historic we have a feast for the eyes with displays ranging from the early 1700’s to the present era. You will see some original Colt revolvers, Winchester lever action, Luger and a MP40 German Schmeisser. Collectors always find “treasure” at NSN Guns.

 NSN has such a wide variety of products that it would be impossible to list them all on the NSN Online Store. Thus all items are not listed on this website. Feel free to email us on info@nsnguns.co.za for items not listed. However it is always better to come and visit our physical store since it such a awesome shopping experience. But we also realize that lots of our clients stay all over South Africa and even Africa. So we hope that you will enjoy using our new NSN Online Store! You can now have your own local gunshop on your tablet or phone and get it delivered to your door.

 Come visit us for first class service and an unforgettable firearm experience. Just remember to take note of our business hours. The Saturdays that we are closed our personnel spend on different shooting ranges enjoying their passion for guns. Online orders will thus only be attended to during normal business hours.